Close contact Wehome self-quarantine

Safe shared accommodation in cooperation with public health centers, WeHome

Sudden self-quarantine notice

Do not panic and follow the WeHome guide.

🏠 Close contact self-quarantine

1.Notification of self-quarantine through public health center

2. PCR test by visiting a public health center or medical facility

3. Information on WeHome accommodation through public health centers and medical facilities (1544-5665)

4. WeHome Simple Real-time Self-Quarantine Accommodation Reservation

5. If you need a quick reservation, contact the WeHome Customer Center directly (1544 - 5665)

6. After confirming the reservation with the host, move to the accommodation through contact with the host (prevention taxi)

7. Non-face-to-face check-in following host instructions

8. meal at the accommodation

9. Receipt for company submission PC mode required

🏠 wehome, self-isolation accommodation

Healing during your stay

spacious and comfortable

best value for money

It’s good to be alone

Having a good time with your child

Hanok, a quiet and cozy traditional style

나에게 꼭 맞는 숙소를 찾아보세요!

If you can’t find an accommodation that suits your taste, please tell WeHome Coordinator and we will recommend a suitable accommodation for your guests!

📔 숙소 이용가이드

Before making a reservation, be sure to check the refund/cancellation policy before proceeding with the reservation!

The parties to the transaction agree to WeHome’s terms of use and cancellation policy and proceed with the payment.

Learn about our refund policy

1. Contact

If you would like to recommend a good accommodation, please contact customer service!

If you have found a suitable accommodation, you can contact the accommodation facility by clicking [Contact Host].

2. Payment

If you would like to recommend a good accommodation, please contact customer service!

If you have found a suitable accommodation, you can contact the accommodation facility by clicking [Contact Host].

3. Confirmation

WeHome reservations are made in the order of [Payment → Reservation Request → Host Confirmation → Final Confirmation].

You will receive a response from the host within 24 hours of payment.

4. Stay

After confirming the reservation, you can check the [Host Contact & Accommodation Details].

The host will direct guests to check-in.

✔️ Real-time Internet Reservation

All accommodations on WeHome are real-time reservations, and reservations are possible only through internet payment. Do a real-time search for the accommodation you want.

✔️ How to issue a receipt

Issuing a receipt

Receipts for payment details can be issued on the [My Travel Schedule] page. (In case of mobile, switch to PC mode) For other simple invoices/tax invoices/card receipt issuance, please contact customer service.

✔️ Non-face-to-face check-in

During the self-quarantine period, you cannot meet with other people, so check-in is in principle non-face-to-face. For check-in information, the host will contact you separately after the reservation is confirmed.

✏️ One-stop reservation service

🚕 Quarantine taxi

Conveniently and safely from the airport to the health center accommodation

🍱 Daily healthy diet

Korean / Slim / Salad / The Rice / Fine Dining

Self-quarantine accommodation for a company's special overseas business trip

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