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혜화 포카포카 하우스

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28박 숙박시 351,680원 부터~

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Q. What is special with Wehome Workation

  • Wehome’s properties are safe because they are registered and legal under the Korean Government’s regulation.
  • Wehome recommends the best places for Workation.
  • There is no burden of key money. 
  • Wehome supports locally.


Good places for working and living

Wehome connects in trust.

You could find a unique places good both for working and living together in Seoul. Wehome Workation places are all legal and safe.


Economical and easy

Book instantly in good prices

You can make a reservation online with good prices.

Wehome Workastion is popular among these guests

Workation guests

People for long term business trip

Foreign students

Monthly stay

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고객센터: 1544-5665 운영시간: 평일 10시~12시 / 13시~18시 (주말, 공휴일 휴무)
주소 : 서울특별시 마포구 양화로 186, 5층 (동교동, LC타워