About Wehome

Wehome Value

Wehome is South Korea’s only government-certified platform for safe and legal shared accommodation, offering lower fees, rapid local support, and a commitment to sustainability and community growth, setting it apart from Airbnb.

Guest Value

Wehome offers guests a safer, more affordable, and authentic local experience compared to Airbnb, backed by government certification and enhanced local support.

1. Legal Compliance and Safety

Wehome sets itself apart by prioritizing legal compliance and safety, ensuring a secure and worry-free experience for all guests. Here are the key aspects:

  • Government Certification: Wehome is the only government-certified platform in South Korea, guaranteeing that all accommodations listed are legal and verified.
  • Host Verification: Wehome goes a step further by confirming that all hosts have no criminal records, adding an extra layer of security and trust for guests.
  • Legal Registration: Every property on Wehome is legally registered, ensuring compliance with local laws. This means guests can travel with peace of mind, knowing that their accommodation is legitimate and protected under the law.
  • Safety Assurance: By choosing Wehome, guests avoid the risks associated with unregistered and illegal accommodations, such as potential legal issues, lack of insurance coverage, and safety hazards.

2. Service Fee Is Refundable, 50% Lower Than Airbnb

  • Even for the same accommodation, Wehome’s fees are over 50% cheaper, offering great value for money. 
  • If a reservation is canceled, the fee is also refunded. Airbnb does not refund fees. Wehome offers various discount programs. 
  • There are many accommodations with even greater discounts for long stays. 
  • For long-term stays including monthly rentals, if you cancel one month before the start of the next month of stay, you can get a refund for the remaining accommodation fees. Guests can stay long-term without the burden of a security deposit.

3. Local Services and Experiences

  • Wehome, as a local platform, enables quality accommodation management and fast customer support. 
  • Services such as easy payment and bank transfer payments are convenient. 
  • We provide a home sharing service that offers a rich local experience.

Host Value

Wehome is working hard to ensure that hosts can confidently and legally engage in home sharing through the regulatory sandbox for home sharing. We also provide ways to increase revenue through open hosting. Wehome will continue to strive to protect the rights of hosts and increase their earnings.

1. We create conditions that allow hosts to host with confidence.

  • Wehome has been designated a regulatory sandbox for home sharing by the government, allowing existing foreigner tourist lodging (foreigner tourist lodging business) hosts to also accommodate domestic guests. 
  • Even without registration for the foreigner tourist lodging business, it is now possible for new hosts to legally engage in home sharing more flexibly in their homes. 
  • We are conveying hosts’ opinions to the government in response to changes in the home sharing market and requesting policy changes. We are sharing data and experiences from the regulatory sandbox and striving to promote institutional activation of home sharing. 
  • With the belief that ‘the heart of Wehome is the host,’ we are strengthening communication and solidarity with hosts.

2. We are striving to increase the revenue for hosts.

  • We are collaborating with hosts and gradually expanding marketing to increase reservations through the Wehome platform. 
  • Through open hosting, we are preparing ways for new special exception hosts to increase their revenue.
  • Home sharing is expanding from accommodation to local life. Wehome aims to create new revenue-generating opportunities in response to market changes.

3. We are creating more convenient hosting conditions.

  • From reviewing the designation of special exceptions for home sharing, we plan to provide a one-stop full service necessary for home sharing, including accommodation interior design, reservation management, cleaning, and laundry. 
  • Starting with eco-friendly amenities, we intend to gradually expand the scope of our services.

Social Value

  • Home sharing is one of the most representative sectors of the sharing economy. It is a sustainable tourism model that protects the environment and promotes growth together. 
  • Based on the philosophy of the sharing economy, Wehome aims to achieve innovation that propels our society forward through home sharing. 
  • Wehome addressed the shortage of self-quarantine accommodations together with hosts during the COVID-19 situation. 
  • To attract 30 million foreign tourists to Korea, we are opening up a new tourism culture by solving the accommodation shortage through the provision of over 20,000 home sharing rooms. 
  • Wehome will continue to work to enhance the trust in our community together with hosts and guests, extending beyond economic value to expand environmental and community values.

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