Wehome over Airbnb in Korea

Hello, are you looking to experience new scenery on your travels? If you’ve already tried various accommodations through Airbnb, now it’s time to discover a new option in Korea: Wehome. Wehome is the fastest-growing shared accommodation platform in Korea and the only one legally certified by the Korean government.

  1. Legal Security
  2. Economic Benefits
  3. Prompt Local Support and Rich Local Experiences 

Wehome provides special services and experiences that Airbnb does not offer. If you are planning a trip to Korea, start your authentic and innovative accommodation experience with Wehome. For more information, visit wehome.me.

With Wehome, your travel will be safer, more economical, and culturally deeper. Create new memories on your journey in Korea with Wehome.

1. Legal Security

Unlike Airbnb, all Wehome properties are government-approved, freeing you from the legal risks associated with illegal accommodations. In the event of incidents such as fires or crimes, you will receive protection and support from the government.

2. Economic Benefits: service fee refund and 50% cheaper fees

At Wehome, fees are refundable, and you can save over 50% on guest fees. By reducing costs, you can allocate more budget to your actual trip, allowing you to enjoy more local experiences and cultural activities.

Wehome’s Fee Refund Policy: Unlike Airbnb, which does not refund any fees, Wehome refunds the fees along with the accommodation charges according to our refund policy. This means you can handle any changes in your plans flexibly and without worry. For instance, a $1,000 accommodation on Airbnb typically incurs an additional fee of $165. If you need to change your reservation, you could lose $165 just on the fees. Airbnb service fees

50% Cheaper Fees: Wehome’s guest service fee is 12%, saving you an average of 38% compared to Airbnb. Airbnb’s standard guest service fee is 16.5%. Due to Airbnb’s varied fee structures, fees can sometimes exceed 20%, which can be confusing. Hence, while Wehome’s fees are generally 38% cheaper than Airbnb, on average, you can save more than 50%.

No Tax Burden with Wehome: On Airbnb, a 10% value-added tax (VAT) can be added to the price, including the service fee. For a $1,000 accommodation, with an additional $165 service fee and 10% VAT, the total cost would be $1,281.5, meaning you would pay $161.5 more on Airbnb compared to Wehome.

3. Prompt Local Support and Rich Local Experiences

Wehome offers a variety of local services that can only be experienced in Korea. For example, you can easily book services ranging from airport pick-up to local tours, traditional cultural experiences, and local gourmet tours. These services enhance the convenience of your trip and allow you to directly experience the vibrant local culture.

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